About Us

We created Get Your Pet in response to a number: 2.5 million.

That’s how many pets are surrendered to shelters each year because their owners can’t keep them.

Shelters don’t have the money or room to care for them. They already have 5 million strays and abused animals to take in each year.

And so, millions are euthanized.

We are determined that things don’t have to be this way. Not in our 21st century, web-connected world. So we created Get Your Pet, an online community where people who can’t keep their pets connect directly with people who want to adopt a pet.

Together, we’ll keep dogs and cats from ever seeing the inside of a shelter, so they can love and be loved in new homes.

Saving lives. Unburdening shelters. Creating community to make a difference. That’s our mission. That’s what we want you to know about us.

Our Team

Dedicated to getting pets
from one good home to another…