Best Dog Breeds For People With An Active Lifestyle

The only thing that can make a beautiful day outside even more fun is sharing it with a furry friend. While most dogs will happily tag along on any outing, certain breeds make particularly adventurous partners! These playful pups are the best dog breeds for people with an active lifestyle.

best dog breeds for people with an active lifestyle

Australian Shepherds

These dogs are perfect for those of us with an active lifestyle! Aussies are incredibly intelligent, playful, and active dogs that require tons of exercise. As a herding dog, Australian Shepherds perform tasks such as tending to livestock, protecting children, and competing especially well.  Whether you’re a farmer, caretaker, or a cowboy at heart, the Aussie will make the perfect addition to your home. Read more about Australian Shepherds here.

Siberian Huskies

Huskies aren’t just sled dogs. They’re also awesome family pets! With their naturally friendly personalities, Siberian Huskies get along with just about any living thing. These dogs are also perfect for hiking and camping trips in chilly weather conditions. And, according to the American Kennel Club, Huskies lack a strong doggy smell. Overall, their beautiful coats, loving personalities, and sporty nature make Huskies an ideal breed for people with an active lifestyle.

Russell Terrier

What the Russell Terrier lacks in size they make up for in endless energy. These little dogs need room to run, plenty of walks, and lots of play time. Your Russell Terrier will always happily accompany you on walks and bike rides. Furthermore, this breed makes the perfect playmate for restless children. If you’re always on the go, this may be the best breed for you.

Border Collie

Border Collies are one of the best dog breeds for people with an active lifestyle! Not only are they great with kids and brilliant, they also love playing sports. Your Border Collie will never turn down a game of fetch or Frisbee. They’re always up for a challenge. If you keep them mentally and physically stimulated, Border Collies prove to be some of the best canine companions!

Labrador Retriever

The Lab, America’s number one breed, is a fantastic friend for an adventure seeker. This dog is athletic, loves swimming, and has a great temperament. In addition to being incredible athletes, Labs are great with those who are handicapped. This dog charms everyone they meet and is a great breed for people with an active lifestyle.

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