Dog Rehoming: Why & How

Man Rehoming Dog

Rehoming your dog is sometimes a sore subject among animal lovers. It’s hard to imagine ever having to give up or rehome your pet, yet there are dozens of reasons why someone would need to. Situations involving domestic violence, divorce, personal or family health problems, financial instability, and even death, can disrupt our lives in a way that makes it no longer manageable to care for our pets. Rather than turning to a shelter, many people make the effort to rehome.

End the stigma of dog rehoming

Nobody plans on rehoming their dog. Most guardians, and in particular those who try to rehome versus simply surrendering their pet to a shelter, want what’s best for their pet. It’s important to keep that in mind, and to support responsible pet owners in their decision to rehome. Deciding to rehome a pet is very difficult for most people, but is also an act of selflessness that can bring a lifetime of happiness to a pet. Home-to-home adoption saves pets from the stress, exposure to illness, and possibility of being euthanized that are common at shelters and rescues. If an owner has decided they can no longer properly care for a pet, placing that pet directly into a new, loving home is the kindest, smartest and most humane thing they can do.

“I need to rehome my pet. What can I do?”

If you need to rehome your cat or dog, you’ve come to the right place. Get Your Pet is the judgement-free, people-centric online community of people just like you who need to rehome their pet and people who want to adopt them. We understand how hard a decision like this can be because we’ve been there. We want you to help you find the right home for your pet, not just a home. Here are some great resources on our site that can help you select the appropriate match for your pet:

How can help

Turning to Get Your Pet offers a solution to a less than ideal situation, one that many people find makes the process much easier. Why? It’s humane, home-to-home pet adoption. It gives Guardians the power to choose the Adopter that they feel is best suited to care for their pet. It gives pets a chance to find a home before being dropped off at a shelter, suffering stress while they await their fate. It gives Adopters their best chance of really knowing what they are getting, because they learn about the pet from the person who has lived with them. Rehoming dogs and cats through Get Your Pet simply makes sense.