Every Dog Day: Get Your Pet’s Own National Holiday

Every Dog Day

What is Every Dog Day?

Celebrated on November 15, Every Dog Day is a chance to proclaim that every type of dog deserves love equally. Every Dog Day looks past breed, declining to single out any one of them as though it needed to be defended. It’s an opportunity to celebrate dogs for who they are, rather than what they are.

Why did we create Every Dog Day?

Get Your Pet has always participated in celebrating days like National Pit Bull Awareness Day. These holidays aim to bring awareness to the stigmas surrounding certain dogs. But, in calling them out, we may be unintentionally perpetuating the idea that they are “different”.  Initiating this holiday is one way we can advocate for all dogs equally.

How is Every Dog Day different from other national holidays?

Holidays honoring our pets seem to be popping up all the time. National Mutt Day, for example, focuses on celebrating dogs of multiple, mixed, or unknown breeds.  National Dog Day is a more broad celebration of our dogs as pets and family members in general. Every Dog Day, on the other hand, has a message: that stereotyping dog breeds is mistaken.  Dogs of all types have so much love to give. They all deserve our love and protection – mutts, purebreds, large and small dogs alike. This holiday encourages us all to look beyond breed and discover what makes every dog special.

Why November 15?

We intentionally chose a date shortly after National Pit Bull Awareness Day, observed in late October.  Get Your Pet encourages the pet-loving community to join the conversation and help end breed discrimination.

How can I celebrate Every Dog Day?

Get Your Pet is inviting everyone to celebrate Every Dog Day by entering our contest. Share a photo of your dog on social media and tell the world why they’re the best. The contest, held annually from Nov. 1-7, gives entrants a chance to win a $250 gift card from Pet Valu (redeemable in stores or online). And two runners-up will each receive a gift box courtesy of Pupjoy. For more information about the Every Dog Day contest and how to enter, visit EveryDogDay.com.


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