What is the difference between a shelter and a rescue group?

There aren’t really many differences and most people use these terms interchangeably. While shelters are almost always brick and mortar structures that house a lot of animals, some rescue groups work out of individuals’ homes and through a foster network. In dealing with a foster-based network, you have to schedule a time to meet a specific pet with his or her foster parent, as opposed to visiting a shelter with open adoption hours.

What is the difference between a shelter or rescue group and Get Your Pet?

Get Your Pet is an online community where people who need to find their pet a new home meet people who want to adopt a pet. Unlike a shelter, we don’t have a building with kennels and cages. Shelters and rescues are necessary last resorts for homeless or abused animals, but they are no place for pets. Get Your Pet’s mission is to make it possible for pets to stay out of shelters by helping them go directly from one good home to another.

I created two accounts by mistake. Can I merge them?

Unfortunately not. You need to choose one account or the other and use it.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

No problem! On the home page, simply select sign in, scroll down the page and click on “Forgot?” Then follow the instructions.

Do pets on your site have to be spayed or neutered?

We encourage everyone who lists a pet — in fact everyone who cares for a pet — to spay her or neuter him. But our primary mission is to help find pets new homes and save lives. There are low-cost spay and neuter clinics located all around the country.

For help in finding one, contact us.

Does Get Your Pet require a fenced yard or are there other restrictions?

Get Your Pet believes that the Guardian (the person caring for the animal currently) needs to be in charge of deciding what makes a good, safe home for their pet and who can best provide it. We have put a lot of thought into our guidelines for both Adopters and Guardians to assist in safe and permanent adoptions. But we believe that Guardians are in the best position to take the measure of an Adopter, ask questions about the Adopter’s home and lifestyle and then decide if this is a good fit for his or her pet.

What happens when the number of days left on a pet profile gets to zero?


The Guardian sets the number of days for getting their pet adopted on our site. Sometimes this is a “hard deadline,” because the Guardian is moving, or their landlord won’t give them more time. In that case, the pet with no more days left will probably go to a shelter. In other cases, the Guardian may be able to add more time to “restart the clock” on finding an Adopter.

What should I ask about at a meet-up?

We offer a list of helpful tips for both Adopters and Guardians to help them get the full benefit from their meet-ups. See Adopter Tips for the Meet-Up or Guardian Tips for the Meet-Up.

How do I make a complaint about another user?

Our online community is based on the value of mutually respectful communication. If you have concerns, please Contact Us.