What does it mean when a pet profile is suspended?

A suspended profile means that the pet is not available for adoption and that the profile is no longer viewable by people browsing the site. There can be many reasons why a profile is suspended. A Guardian might suspend their pet’s profile because they have changed their mind about rehoming them; they may have found a home for their pet with extended family or a neighbor or on another site; they may have received so many inquiries for their pet that they need to pause receiving more while they winnow through the inquiries they have already received. In some of these cases, suspension may be temporary and in others it is permanent.

GetYourPet.com may also suspend a pet profile. Typically, this happens when a Guardian fails to check in on their account at least every 3 days to confirm their pet is still available for adoption. In such a case, we contact the Guardian and if / when the Guardian checks in, the profile is republished. Also, if we have concerns about the pet profile’s legitimacy or if the Guardian exhibits behavior indicating possible pet selling, we will suspend the profile pending investigation.