Find the Bernese Mountain Dog in this Picture

Bernese is in the eye of the beholder

Recently a Guardian published a Bernese Mountain Dog on and the response from potential adopters was off the charts. Hey, I get it. This Bernese was adorable. And it’s a truism in the adoption world that a cute little Bichon or a handsome Great Dane or any one of a number of purebred pets is going to generate a ton of interest, while the pitbull-type dogs languish unappreciated. But I’m here to tell you: this fellow in the picture doesn’t know he isn’t a Bernese. He is just as full of love, just as deserving of protection and affection as any purebred showdog could possibly be. Maybe we just need to squint just a little to see it.

Sometimes a Bernese is not a Bernese

We’ve all heard people say,  “My Chihuahua thinks he’s a bulldog” or “My mastiff thinks he’s a lap dog.”  The fact is, animals have personalities and sometimes their self-image doesn’t exactly correspond to their looks. The whole premise of Get Your Pet is that the best way to find the pet that will be a good fit in your household is to have meaningful communication with the person who has cared for and lived with them. And then, to meet them in a neutral, non-stressful place and see how they act.

Looks aren’t everything

So, what am I saying here? That you shouldn’t search for a pet that looks like the one you always imagined you’d have? Well, not exactly. I’m saying that choosing a pet is a lot like choosing a human life partner. Looks count, it’s undeniable, but they aren’t everything. In the end, other qualities are more important. Things like loyalty. Being a good companion. Love.

Keep an open heart

Maybe you found our site because you saw a post about a specific breed of dog. If that’s your heart’s desire, no problem. You can create a search to be notified when the type of pet you are looking for is published on But, keep in mind, we created to help all pets at risk of surrender go from one good home to another, regardless of age, size or breed. So help us — help them — out. Spread the word by talking about our site and sharing our posts. And check back often – new pets are listed every day. You never know, you just might be surprised at the one that steals your heart.