Five Cat Care Tips to Consider

Whether you have a kitten or a senior cat, becoming a new cat owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Certainly, a guide of cat care tips can be beneficial despite breed, gender, or the age of your feline friend. Naturally, we all want our cats to be happy and healthy. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, consider these essential cat care tips for the health of your cat for years to come.

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Five cat care tips essential for every pet owner

As your new cat transitions into your home, consider the following five cat care tips for the health of your feline friend:

1. Hydration

With temperatures starting to rise, it is important that your cat gets plenty of water throughout the day. Naturally, keeping your cat hydrated is critical for their health and well-being. Consider keeping a journal and note your cat’s daily water intake, so you can keep your veterinarian informed. Without a doubt, this is a cat care tip that is beneficial to all furry friends alike!

2. Grooming

Keeping your feline friend on a proper grooming regimen can help with bigger issues down the road. For instance, your cat will self-groom, which could result in hairballs if they aren’t being groomed regularly. Further, these hairballs could get stuck and potentially result in an obstruction or the need for surgery. Consider keeping your cat’s coat and nails groomed to avoid unnecessary medical treatment.

3. Enrichment toys

Interactive play and enrichment can provide your cat with hours of fun and stimulation. In addition, enrichment toys provide mental, physical, and emotional stimulation which can benefit your feline friend. Consider providing a versatile selection of cat toys, like cat trees, puzzles, and toy mice – around your home. Certainly, any way to spend more quality time with your furry friend is a plus!

4. Exercise

Exercise is an important factor in pet wellness, for all pets. Obviously, cats are no exception! Consider keeping your cat active, and allowing them space to roam and play freely. For example, place toys throughout your home at various heights and levels, so your feline friend has the opportunity to stay active. Also, by keeping your cat at a proper weight, they may have fewer medical issues in the future.

Protect from unexpected injuries and illnesses

Cats of all shapes, ages, and sizes are playful and unpredictable. Undoubtedly, you want to keep your pet happy and healthy as they grow. Essentially, there is no way to fully prepare for life’s unexpected moments. If you are exploring your options, consider checking out Trupanion‘s medical insurance for pets and see if it is a right fit for your cat’s lifetime journey.

Cat care tips: for a happy and healthy feline friend

These cat care tips can provide the path to an enriched, healthy, and happy best friend. By taking the chance to stay active, check in with your veterinarian, and protect your cat for their lifetime, you can experience adventures with your feline friend for the future.

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