6 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog In Winter

Winter weather can make it difficult to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise. While you might want to spend all weekend curled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea, you still need to make it a priority to exercise your dog. It’s not as convenient during colder months, but it is possible, and sometimes it’s even more fun to play indoors! Here are six fun ways to exercise your dog in winter.

exercise your dog in winter

1. Play a game with your dog

Games are a fun way to disguise exercise and a good way to get your dog really moving. Tug of war and fetch are some of the best games to play indoors with your dog because they don’t require much space. You can also try using food or treat-dispensing toys to keep your dog busy and active with a nice reward.

2. Organize a play date

Does your dog have a neighborhood friend? If so, invite them over to have a play date! If your dog loves the company of other dogs, then organizing a surprise play date could be the perfect way to keep them occupied. They’ll have fun, get to socialize, and most importantly, they’ll get the exercise they need during those cold days.

3. Get outside

One of the best ways to exercise your dog in winter is to just go outside and get moving. If you’re faced with a snow day, lean in and go play in it! You dog will have a blast chasing snowballs, helping to build a snowman, or even making snow angels right alongside the family. Just make sure it’s not too cold outside, and that your dog stays safe in the snow. Check out these winter myths to keep your dog safe in the cold weather.

4. Throw a dance party

This activity is perfect if kids are around because it keeps them moving and grooving right alongside the dogs! Put on some music and hold a doggy dance contest. The last one standing wins!

5. Scavenger hunt

Organizing a scavenger hunt is another fun and creative way to exercise your dog in winter. For highly active breeds who crave a job to keep them busy, scavenger hunts are just the thing. Hide your dog’s favorite items or treats around the house and see how fast they can find them. Or, play hide and go seek and have your dog sniff you out.

6. Try doggy yoga

If you haven’t heard of dog yoga–affectionately known as ‘doga’–then you’re missing out. Doing yoga with your dog is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise your dog in winter. Getting your dog to try some yoga moves isn’t just entertaining, it’s also a great form of exercise. If you can’t make it to a doggy yoga class, hold your own class right in your living room!


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