Guardian FAQ: How can I make my pet’s profile stand out? #GetYourPetAdopted

get your pet adopted

Thank you for choosing to rehome your pet! We know how hard you’ve thought about this decision. Rehoming your pet instead of taking him or her to a shelter is the kindest, most responsible course of action you can take.

If you haven’t already joined to create a profile for your pet, you can do so here. If you’ve already created your pet’s profile, then read on to find out how you can enhance your pet’s profile to increase his or her chances of being adopted.

  1. Focus on good photos. Some of the most successful pet profiles are ones that have high-quality pictures. You don’t need a professional camera for this; just make sure your pictures have good lighting, aren’t blurry, and that they showcase your pet well. Try a variety of “poses” if possible (remember, there is room for 3 photos) – one facing the camera, one during his or her favorite activity, or one that you feel shows his or her personality best. Be sure not to show your pet in a cage or heavily chained. That doesn’t create a good feeling about the pet. We have plenty of the more “technical” photo-taking tips and tricks here.
  2. Get specific about your pet. The bio at the top of the profile should tell adopters something they don’t already learn by reading the rest of the profile. For example, we already know Fluffy gets along with cats, but does he greet you at the door every day after work? Telling adopters the quirky little details about your pet can pique the interest of a potential adopter much better than a repeat of his or her age or breed. Think about what you would wantto read about the pet and what would make someone would love to have your pet join their family.
  3. Add a video. Video is one of the best ways to show off your pet, because it allows adopters the chance to see the pet in action and get an idea for how he or she behaves around people. Plus, who doesn’t love a good video of a happy pup?! We have a ton of tips for making your pet into a video star here!
  4. Be responsive to messages. It sounds obvious, but your pet’s awesome profile does no good if adopters don’t get a response! Most adopters are “shopping around” and actively messaging multiple guardians at the same time. Being quick to respond will greatly increase the chances an adopter remains interested in your pet rather than move on to someone else.

For more information about how to create a profile for your pet on, visit our “How It Works” page. And for other, more in-depth instructions on pet photography, click here.