Guardian FAQ – “Should I Meet an Adopter at their Home or Mine?”

You never thought you’d have to do this, but you need to rehome your dog or cat. So, you’ve turned to Get Your Pet for help. Good move. You’ve already made a great first step in finding a suitable, loving, new home for your pet. Now, just sit back and relax, right? Well, not quite. Once you begin to receive messages from potential adopters, you’ll have some things to consider. One of them is “Where should we meet?”

Why does it matter where we meet?

Meet-up location matters for a few reasons. Although many people are willing to travel for a pet they really like, many are not. So, the distance they must travel can be an overriding factor for some Adopters. Where you meet can also influence your pet’s behavior, depending on how much of a homebody they are.  And choosing to meet at the adopter’s home can give you peace of mind about your pet’s new home.

Analyzing the options…

So, these are the three basic options: You can choose to have the meet-up at your home, the potential adopter’s home, or somewhere in-between, in a park or other public place. Each comes with its own benefits.

Choosing to have a meet-up at your home, where the pet is currently living, is a great idea for a pet who is easily stressed or excitable when in an unfamiliar place. One good thing about Get Your Pet is that adopters can see the pet in their natural environment, get a feel for how the pet behaves and acts under normal circumstances. This option is most common for cats, because it eliminates the stress of having to transport a cat who doesn’t normally travel or leave the house.

An adopter may request that you have the meet-up at a halfway point between your home and theirs. This is a great idea for guardians and adopters who live far from each other. Adopters may also just feel more comfortable having the meet-up this way, because it allows them to interact with the pet openly and safely in a public space. Don’t take offense if an adopter does not want to meet at your home— it’s important that they feel comfortable at the meet-up. After all, it’s a big decision for them as well as you!

Your third option is to meet at the adopter’s home. This option allows the adopter to see how the pet reacts in his or her own home, to give them a better idea if the adoption would work out. It also may offer you, as the pet’s guardian, some peace of mind about the home your pet will be going to.

What’s recommended?

At the end of the day, it’s up to guardians and adopters to decide where and how to meet, depending on their needs and circumstances. You know the pet best, and you are able to determine where the potential adopter, you and your pet can best determine whether or not this adoption would be a good fit. The adopter knows what matters most to them and how much inconvenience they are willing to undergo in searching for a pet. In any case, you’ll want to do a fair amount of messaging before scheduling a meet-up, to find the intersection of your needs and theirs, and to be sure the other party is as committed as you want them to be. For more info on how to have a successful meet-up, check out our Tips For Guardians.