Guardian Tips: How to Get Your Pet Viewed More

In a previous blog, we talked about how you can make your pet’s profile stand out. Along with providing enough information in your pet’s bio, and being quick to respond to messages from Adopters, we emphasize the importance of uploading good photos and videos. Here’s why:

Why do my pet’s photos matter so much?

People are visual creatures. High-quality photos on a pet’s profile lead to more clicks and garner more messages from potential Adopters, all of which makes a successful adoption more likely. People scroll past profiles with blurry, dark, or unflattering photos. They are just less inviting to the eye, and the decision about whether to stop and send a message often happens on a subconscious level, in fractions of a second.

How can I improve my pet’s photos?

Take a few photos of your pet in natural lighting. Get him or her to look into the camera by using a toy or other object to get their attention. Avoid using flash to prevent red or glowing eyes in the picture. When all else fails, do something funny to engage your pet and get some smiles! Check out all of our technical photo-taking tips here.

Video – Do I need it?

Yes! Videos help tremendously in getting your pet adopted. Profiles with videos typically produce about 218% more interaction than profiles with no video! We strongly suggest you use the space provided for three high-quality photos and one 15-20 second video of your pup or kitty showing off for the camera. Check out these additional tips for turning your pet into a model or video star!

What should I film?

For dogs, try getting a video of them playing outside, obeying commands, or just acting like their goofy self. Try to catch something that shows off his or her unique personality. For cats, a clip of them playing, cuddling, or interacting with people in some way is best. Again, you want to make sure the video uses adequate lighting and isn’t too blurry. Videos that have sound can add an extra point of interest. The internet has fallen in love with cute cat and dog videos, and Adopters on Get Your Pet are no exception!

If you need to rehome your pet, and haven’t already joined to create a profile, what are you waiting for? Get started here.