Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Home With These Tips

Moving to a new home is difficult enough, but moving with a pet can be even more stressful! Here are some tips to help your pet adjust to a new home and help you lower the stress level on the moving process:

Help your pet adjust to a new home

Keep a Consistent Routine

The easiest way to help your pet adjust to a new home is to keep their routine consistent. If your dog likes to get up, eat breakfast, then go outside for a walk, try to continue that routine in your new home. If your cat likes outside time or your dog takes a nightly walk, arrange for those things. Maintaining your old routine as much as possible will help your pet settle into their new home much easier, and allow them to make a smoother adjustment to a modified routine, as well.

Help Your Pet Stay Safe

Safety is always the top concern for any pet owner. Yet, its importance is further heightened when transitioning to a new home. Get to know the other animals in the neighborhood, research dog-friendly areas, and always use a leash when exploring. Some animals get skittish in new homes and may attempt to run away. So, make sure your pet has the proper identification and that you have several copies of contact information and medical records.

Consider Moving Anxieties

When you travel to your new home, would your pet do better in a crate or at your feet? How will your pet behave around unfamiliar movers and loud noises? Should you keep your pet in a separate room when you unpack? Or would your furry friend prefer to be at your side? These are all questions to consider when you help your pet adjust to a new home.

Pet-Proof Your New Home

Help your pet adjust to a new home by modifying it in simple ways for your pet! Make sure that all windows, doors, and electrical areas are secure. Also, check for any dangerous items left behind by previous homeowners, such as poisonous rat traps. If you have small children, keep their toys and any small items out of your pet’s reach. Check out “How to Puppy-Proof Your Home” for more tips and advice.

Give Your Pet Some Lovin’

During a big move, it’s easy to forget about giving your pet some extra affection. However, that little ear scratch or belly rub can make all the difference and may alleviate some of their moving anxieties. Remember that you are not the only one experiencing change – your pet is, too! Giving your pet the attention  they need will minimize bad behavior and make them more comfortable in their new surroundings.

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