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If you are asking yourself how to rehome a dog or cat, has your answer. On, it costs you, the Guardian, nothing to publish your pet and be seen by potential Adopters. What’s more, we believe that when Guardians and Adopters control the pet adoption process, they get the adoption they want and pets get the new homes they need. So, we have created a site where Adopters and Guardians can safely arrive at how to rehome a dog or a cat with little to no intervention from us. Here you will have the tools to exchange messages; arrange a meet-up; and arrive at a pet adoption that works for everyone. We monitor the site and give you tips, but you are in the driver’s seat.

How to rehome a dog or cat: register and create a pet profile, exchange messages, then meet up.

How to rehome a dog or cat? It’s easy:

Register, then Create a Pet Profile

  1. Come to and select the orange “Rehome a pet” button on the homepage.
  2. After you register, follow the instructions to fill out a profile for each pet you wish to rehome and a short profile about yourself so that potential Adopters have an idea of who they are communicating with.
  3. Upload at least one photo of your pet (there’s room for 3) – make the photos good ones – plus you can upload a 15-20 second video (videos get more attention for a pet). Publish the pet profile and anyone searching in their chosen geographical range will see it.

Exchange Messages

  1. Check out potential Adopters’ profiles.
  2. Send and receive messages safely. Use our Tips for Guardians to come up with questions that get at the things you need to know about an Adopter.

Make a meet-up

  1. When you feel ready, you are ready for the next step in how to rehome a dog or cat: sizing up the Adopter in person. Either you or the Adopter can Propose a Meet-Up by selecting the orange Let’s Meet button. Pick a place, like a dog park or one of our Community Spots, and set a time. Many people decide right at the first meet-up that this is a good fit and transfer ownership right there. But there is no obligation to do so.
  2. After the meet-up, select the Follow Up button on your dashboard. If you transferred your pet to the Adopter at the meet-up, confirm this and you will receive access to legal documentation of the adoption.
  3. If you aren’t sure this is the right fit, no problem. You can say goodbye or think it over or make a second meet-up.
  4. Remember, it costs you, the Guardian, nothing to publish your pet’s profile on
  5. Remember, too, you must not charge any fee to the Adopter or try to sell your pet on The Adopter will pay the adoption fee online to if they adopt your pet.

See the Veterinarian

  1. Every adoption done through includes a voucher for a pet exam given by a participating Get Your Pet Vet.
    • There are other benefits included in the adoption, too, including: a certificate for 30 days pet insurance from Trupanion (offer varies in California, due to state insurance laws); and a credit toward $40 of services on (first time users, only).
  2. Depending on how you and the Adopter want to arrange it, the vet visit can be done before or after you transfer possession of the pet.

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