Layla, Now Lady, is a “Blessing” to her Adopter

Like many people who need to rehome their pitbull type dog,Jonathan feared people wouldn’t see past Layla’s breed. He knew how kind and sweet she is, but her looks can intimidating. Leaving her at a shelter was not an option, because he feared the worst would happen. He turned to for help.

Within 24 hours of posting Layla’s profile, he had a message from Pat.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Layla, now called Lady, has been her new home for over a month. And Pat, Lady’s happy new mom, has kept it touch with us.

She says: I just can’t say enough great things about your organization. It’s a perfect concept to get a beloved pet from one loving home to another, without the heart ache of the dreaded middle man (a shelter). The way you transfer messages from the potential adopter to the current owner is great. I like that you monitor them, to insure both parties safety. The owners of Layla, Jonathan (and his family) are some of the truly nicest and kind folks I’ve met in my 64 years!!! They went above and beyond to help ease my concerns and traveled quite a distance to meet near my home with Layla (now Lady). It is a blessing to have given Lady a very kind and loving home…truly a divine intervention!!! Angela, thank you for the integral part you have played in making Joe (my other dog), Lady and myself as happy as we could possibly be, seriously!!!”