Love, Live, Lose, Love – The Cycle of Pet Adoption

Dona Adopted Lily!
Dona with recently adopted Lily!


Welcoming a pet into our lives is a beautiful, even courageous, act, because it makes us instantly vulnerable. The love we have for our pets, like the love we have for our children, is all inclusive, and without reservation. Whether you adopt a senior cat to give them a few happy months or years, or adopt a puppy to give them a whole, long life, you’ve now invested your heart.

We do this even though somewhere we know we will outlive our pets, that we will one day lose them. And I think this is one of the truly wonderful aspects of being a full, truly live human being. Taking on the responsibility for a pet is an affirmation of the overriding importance of love in our lives.


Some may think that pointing out the inevitable life cycle of pet ownership will dissuade people from adopting a pet. Certainly, that’s not my intention. I’m simply recognizing how, as animal lovers, we consciously or unconsciously enter into this cycle and I think it says something remarkable about us. We love, they live, we lose them and somehow, we find the strength to love again.


Consider Dona, who recently adopted “Lily” through She had recently, and unexpectedly, lost her 8-year-old American Bulldog, Kimber. “On the morning of March 6, she could not get up out of her bed. She had been acting like her usual self until that morning. I rushed her to the emergency vet hospital but the news was not good. Kimber had a huge cancerous mass in her belly that had started bleeding. That afternoon as I held her in my arms, Kimber took her last breath. I was a total mess. My life revolved around Kimber. I felt so lost and so empty.”

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know exactly what Dona was feeling. But, like all of us animal lovers, she knew there was another dog out there that needed her, so a few weeks later she started to look for a dog who needed a home.

And Love Again

I saw and clicked on it. I started browsing the dogs there and there were a couple of dogs that I thought I might be interested in, but then I saw Lily. I messaged her guardian and a few days later they brought Lily to my house to meet me and my cat. I knew as soon as I met her she was going to be my new best friend. And I could afford the fee too! Lily and I became family that day. She has brought life back into the house and happiness back into my heart. She and I were meant to be. Home to home adoption is awesome. I’m so glad I got to meet Lily’s guardian and learn all about Lily. I am still in contact with her whenever I have a question. Her former guardian only lives about 8 miles away from me. It worked out perfectly and I’m so blessed to have Lily.”

Lily in her new home
Lily in her new home

Hurray for Dona, who opened her heart again to Lily. And hurray to all of you who save lives by choosing love.