This is What Love Looks Like

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In its many varieties…

Big dogs. Small dogs. Dogs in strollers. Dogs with one eye, three legs, painted toenails, pink hair or no hair at all. Cats on leashes. I saw it all this past weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo in Oaks, PA. We were there to spread the word about, but we came away revitalized by the overwhelming display of love.

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Especially, unconditional love…

We all talk about the unconditional love of a pet for their family, but nothing brings it home like seeing a jamboree of humanity and their animals just so happy to be together. Over the three day event, I had the opportunity to speak with a variety of people from very different walks of life. It is not news, but it’s worth repeating: your pet doesn’t care what is in your bank account, how nice of a car you drive, or the size of your house. And no amount of wealth or lack thereof makes a bit of difference in how devoted people are to their pets.

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Pet lovers get it…

So when I started telling people about and how we work, they got it immediately. Volunteers from shelters, people with stories of how they’d been denied adoption, people who knew how heartbreaking it is to have to give up a pet. They all got our new model for pet adoption right away.

It was so affirming to hear my fellow pet lover’s words of encouragement. It made me even more determined to tell the world about and how it honestly, truly is a win for everyone.

  • Guardians (pet owners) get to decide who adopts their pet, instead of relying on a shelter or rescue employee. They can do as much or as little screening as they like, and they can even stay in touch with the adopter and their pet if the adopter agrees.
  • Pets stay out of shelters, and as a result are never exposed to illness, stress or worst of all, the possibility of being euthanized.
  • Adopters get to learn all about the pet from the person who knows them best, their guardian. They get to meet the pet in an environment where he or she is acting naturally, instead of a stress-filled shelter.
  • Shelters and rescues benefit from taking in fewer pets, which allows them to use their limited resources for the pets who desperately need them.

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Share the love…

Our adoption model is new and different. It’s simple, smart and humane. We love our pets, and they love us, and it’s time for us to use that compassion to shift the way we think about and approach pet adoption. We’re in the business of connecting people and pets, and after this weekend, I’m now sure we’re in the business of promoting love as well.

As they say, there’s someone for everyone. I believe there’s a pet for everyone, too. Maybe yours is waiting for you to find them on