Meeting a New Cat For the First Time

Whether you’re adopting a cat and are meeting them for the first time, or you’re meeting a friend’s or family member’s cat, you want to start off on the right foot. Follow these tips for meeting a new cat for the first time.

meeting a new cat

Ask about the cat’s preferences

If you’re meeting a cat through Get Your Pet,  you’ve probably already discussed them with their Guardian. Before meeting a new cat, you should have an idea of whether or not they like to be petted, and where. Not all cats like you to stroke their backs, but some cats love it! The best way to learn about a new cat is to ask someone who knows what they like.

Let them come to you

As tempting as it is, you should never immediately hold out your arm to a cat’s face when first meeting. They may perceive this as a threatening gesture. Instead, allow the cat to come to you, at their own pace. Approach them in a way that doesn’t startle or alarm them. Small, slow movements work best when meeting a new cat.

Learn cat body language

Meeting a new cat is the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge of cat body language! Do you know how to recognize when a cat is scared, nervous, or asking for affection? Look for a curved, upright tail and relaxed body language, or a tummy in the air as an invitation for cuddles. A wiggling body and wide eyes, on the other hand, means they’re about to pounce. Brush up on your cat communication skills so you can always know what cats are telling you.

Make them feel comfortable

If you know a cat loves shiny, sparkly things, then it only makes sense to spoil them with those things. Surround them with things you know they love, or offer to play with them using their favorite toy. Get them out of their shell by using a familiar toy or game and by appealing to what they like.

Give them time

It’s normal for cats to by shy around new people. Meeting a new cat is a learning experience for both parties. It’s important to give the cat time to get comfortable around you. Cats are curious creatures by nature, and will usually approach new people once they’ve had a chance to watch from afar.

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