Taking The Perfect Pet Picture: 5 Tips & Tricks

Taking the perfect pet picture is part of putting their best paw forward. A great photograph of your pet will increase the number of potential adopters, which, in turn, betters their chance of adoption. To help you, we are listing some of our best tips for snapping the perfect picture.


1. Have Fun With It

Making your photo session fun will produce more winning pictures. For example, try taking shots of your pet playing with their favorite toy, snuggling on the couch, or running outside. These shots will perfectly capture their personality. You’ll be able to take the perfect pet picture while they have a great time!

2. Lights, Camera, Action

Lighting is your best friend for taking the perfect picture of your pet. If your pet has dark fur, backlighting will transform them into a shapeless blob. Instead, try aiming the lighting either in front of your pet or to the side of them. For lighter colored pets, too much light will make your photos look washed out. As a result, your pet will be hard to see. So, always use natural light, if possible. Flash will certainly cause red-eyes in pictures, and it runs the risk of startling your pet!

3. Keep Your Focus

Pets love to wiggle around, which makes taking the perfect picture a difficult task. Avoid shaking the camera by holding your breath while you take the photo. Additionally, try resting your elbows on a stable surface such as a table or a fence post. If you’re taking a picture of your pet while they are running, follow them with your camera or choose burst mode. This helps to create a blurred background while keeping your pet the focus of the shot!

4. Get On Their Level

Changing your perspective can help you capture the perfect pet picture. Try using distractions like treats, whistles, and squeaky toys. You will be able to get great detail in your picture and will keep their attention focused on you. Meeting your pet on their level will let you capture adorable pictures of their face up close and personal!

5. Edit Before Posting

The post-processing of photos can make a huge difference in your pet’s profile. Adjusting brightness and contrast can make a picture look more professional without requiring much work. However, make sure you aren’t going overboard. While filters can look cute and fun, they can detract from your adorable pet.

If you need some inspiration to get you started, check out Tula the Dog Photographer’s work! She is well known for capturing amazing pictures from a dog’s perspective.

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