Pet Travel Safety Tips

It’s a new year, packed with new adventures for you and your pet! Whether you’re driving cross-country or flying to a warmer destination, make sure you’re prepared for the journey with these pet travel safety tips.

pet travel safety tips

Be Prepared

Before leaving for a big trip, make sure you prepare a travel kit for your furry friend. Essentials include food, water, medication, doggy bags, and important documents. Packing a few toys and a favorite blanket will provide a sense of security, and may ease some of your pet’s travel anxieties. Make sure to pack a leash, as well, to keep your pet secure as you navigate through new and potentially stressful environments.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone In The Car

This pet travel safety tip is highly important. According to the Humane Society, it doesn’t have to be super hot outside to be dangerously hot inside the car. And rolling down the windows one or two inches has very little effect on bringing down the inside temperature. Pets are also susceptible to extremely cold weather — especially those who are old, thin, and frail. Check out these winter safety tips for more information on keeping your pet safe in cold temperatures.

Keep Your Pet Secure

When traveling by car, keep your pet secure. Too many pets try to sit on their owner’s lap while driving, so make sure your furry friend has a comfortable carrier or crate to ride in, or  consider using a safety belt or harness. Another pet travel safety tip: keep the windows up. Lots of dogs like to stick their heads out the window, but this puts them at risk of being struck by debris.

Visit the Vet

Schedule a trip to the vet’s office before flying with your pet. Most major airlines require a health certificate approved within ten days before your travel date. Because appointments can be tough to fit in last-minute, give yourself plenty of time to schedule one beforehand. Also, talk to your vet about anxiety and any changes that you may make to your pet’s eating and sleeping schedule before departure.

Check Out Airline Pet Policies

Always look up your airline’s pet policies before scheduling a trip with your furry friend. Some airlines restrict certain dog breeds, and others do not allow pets younger than eight weeks old. Airline pet policies offer additional pet travel safety tips to ensure that you and your pet have an easy, safe flight.

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