6 Tips for Making Your Pet a Video Star

Photo of a person making a video of a dog

Remember, you have limited time to show your pet off. So, make your video count!

1. Get Horizontal!

Always hold your smartphone horizontally when shooting, not vertically.

2. Go to the Light

Try to shoot in a well-lit area. But be careful not to point your camera directly at a bright light source or you’ll get flaring.

3. Steady as you Go

Use two hands and hold the phone close to yourself when you’re shooting. This will help keep the video as steady as possible. You don’t want to make the viewer seasick.

4. Stay Close

You don’t necessarily want to shoot extreme close-ups, but don’t pick long-distance shots. Your focus and image quality will be better if you’re not too far away.

5. Remember the Audio!

Try to shoot your video in a relatively quiet place so that you don’t pick up unwanted, distracting background noise.

6. Use a Lower Resolution

Some phones record video at very high resolution by default. Very high-resolution videos don’t always play smoothly. If you run into this issue, learn about what you can do.


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