Poodle Breed Info: All You Need To Know

Because of their high intelligence, hypoallergenic fur, and fun personality, poodles have become a popular breed choice for families. Keep reading to learn all about the poodle breed!

Poodle Breed Info: All You Need To Know


The poodle makes a fun-loving, affectionate, and active addition to any home. They are a smart breed, eager to please, which makes them highly trainable and excellent at canine sports. These dogs love to stay close to their families, and are always up for a game! However, they do get bored easily. So, make sure that your canine companion receives plenty of playtime.


Poodles come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Although all three sizes exhibit friendly, energetic personalities, they have their differences. Specifically, the Standard Poodle requires the most exercise and thrives in a large household with lots of children. On the other hand, Toy Poodles make better apartment pets and are susceptible to injury from small children. If you plan on adopting a poodle, consider their size to choose the right breed for your lifestyle!

Breaking Stereotypes: Poodles Are Not Prissy

Despite their regal appearance and proud personality, poodles are far from prissy! According to Dogtime.com, the poodle breed was used in Germany as a water retriever, and in France as a duck hunter. Even their stylish coats have a practical purpose! They protect them from getting snagged underwater and keep them warm. This breed is athletic, fun, and not afraid to get a little dirty!

Common Health Issues

Most poodles live long, happy lives. However, like any breed of dog, they can experience certain health issues. Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism are all common in poodles. As with their personality, size can make a difference in health issues. Toys and Miniatures are at greater risk for joint-related issues. Standard poodles, however, are more likely to experience bloat, or GDV, a big-dog health concern. Keep your pet healthy by feeding them high-quality dog food and taking them for daily walks.


This breed’s beautiful coat requires daily brushing to prevent matting. Therefore, most poodle owners prefer to keep their pet’s coat trimmed shorter. For baths, nail care, and general grooming, professionals advise owners to take their dog to the groomer every four to six weeks. Don’t let their grooming needs scare you off! Poodles make great family pets and are one of the funniest dog breeds in the Animal Kingdom.

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