Q & A: Buying From a Pet Store vs. Adopting

puppy in pet store

Let’s do a simple Q and A to look at a comparison of buying a pet from a pet store vs. adopting.

Q – Where do pet stores pets come from?

Pets that are found at your local pet store usually come from a puppy miller —someone who breeds and sells dogs, cats, and other animals for profit. These animals are often bred in harsh conditions and made to reproduce quickly. This makes for a miserable life for the adult female, forced to endure one pregnancy after another until her value is spent and she is discarded and replaced.

Q – Why is breeding “bad”?

Puppy millers who breed for profit are unconcerned with the physical or mental welfare of their breeding dogs. Many puppy millers keep the animals in small cages, where they receive little to no socialization and often develop skin conditions, infections, and other health issues. They also may become malnourished, dehydrated, and severely depressed. There are reputable breeders out there, but most do not sell their “inventory” to places like your local pet store.

Q – Why is it “bad” to buy pets from the pet store?

Buying a cat or dog from the pet store only perpetuates the cycle of breeding and contributes to the practice of animal cruelty. By declining to  buy your pet and support these puppy millers, you are taking a stand against animal cruelty and the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation.

Q – Don’t pet store pets need homes too?

Yes, they do; but while the pets at the pet store are innocent parties, and are certainly not at fault for being there, they represent a bigger issue in the animal welfare industry. Buying a pet from a store puts more profits into the pockets of breeders and gives them incentive to continue doing what they do. It’s time to break the cycle and opt to adopt.

Q – What are the benefits to adopting a pet versus buying one?

  • Save money – Organizations like getyourpet.com charge considerably less than pet stores or breeders. (For more info on Get Your Pet’s adoption fee, see What Does it Cost?)
  • Save a life – Saving a life is as easy as adopting a pet in need of a home. Whether you’re saving a pet from the shelter, or adopting one before they get there, you’re helping a lovable pet get a well-deserved second chance.
  • Stand up against animal cruelty Take a stand against animal cruelty and help end the suffering of puppy mill dogs. Adopt, don’t shop!
  • Gain a new best friend – Pets that have been rescued or adopted tend to be most grateful for a second chance at life. Take in a new best friend and get ready to receive all the love in the world right back.
  • Spread the word – Spreading the word that you’ve adopted a pet helps to spread the message and helps make rescuing or adopting more accepted as the right thing to do.