Pet Rehoming:
“What is the best way to rehome my dog or cat?”

Rehome a
Dog or Cat

Unforeseen circumstances, traumatic events, or simply a change in lifestyle force millions pet owners to ask this difficult question every year.

A Better way to rehome a dog or cat

2.5 million pet owners who need to rehome a dog or cat reluctantly end up at the shelter, because they believe it’s the only option they have. But there is a better solution to pet rehoming – home-to-home adoption through!

Dog Rehoming

Rehoming is Better for pets, people and shelters

Now, rehoming a dog doesn’t have to mean a stressful trip to the shelter, where overcrowding, limited resources, and disease and illness are common. Where, every year, 2.6 million pets are euthanized because of lack of space. Get Your Pet takes the burden off shelters by giving pet owners the chance to rehome a cat or dog directly to an adopter they find on our website. So, there is no need to involve a shelter at all! Our community is growing fast, and we won’t be satisfied until we reach our goal of keeping the millions of pets surrendered each year out of the shelter by using home-to-home pet adoption.

See how direct adoption works.

Who knows your pet better than you?

With Get Your Pet, pet owners, or guardians, can directly connect with and meet potential adopters in order to safely find a home for a dog. Because guardians know their pet best, they get to make the call when interviewing potential adopters they meet on our site. They will have the peace of mind of deciding who should get their pet and knowing their pet is safely and compassionately rehomed where they will be loved and happy.

Now, rather than drop their pet at the shelter, where no one knows their animal’s background and personality, a guardian can meet with potential adopters and share their pet’s experiences, habits, or special needs, as well as size up the adopter’s personality and lifestyle to see if this is a good fit. Home-to-home adoption lets the guardian ensure a smooth and stress-free transition for their pet to his or her new home — something just not available from a shelter adoption.

Maybe you can stay in touch

And sometimes guardians and adopters agree to keep in touch to share photos and provide peace of mind after an adoption has taken place, making Get Your Pet an even more and valuable and unique resource for owners who need to rehome a pet.

We make a hard decision easier

Dog rehoming is often a delicate and difficult decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. Get Your Pet is here to help make that process easier, by giving you peace of mind and your pet a better chance of going to a good home without ever having to endure the trauma of entering the shelter. If you need to rehome your pet, let Get Your Pet show you the smarter, simpler, easier way to do it.

Keep them out of the shelter. Get your pet adopted.

Need to rehome a pet?

Rehome a Dog or Cat