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Get Your Pet is the online community that connects people who need to find a new home for their pet with people who want to adopt a pet like theirs.

Why join Get Your Pet?

Becoming a member of the Get Your Pet community allows pet Guardians to publish their pet for adoption, have them meet potential Adopters, and humanely rehome them. Adopters can browse and save pet profiles, schedule meet-ups, and make a legal adoption. Pets never go into the shelter. The process for their going directly from one good home to another is simple:

Step 1: Guardians publish their pet’s profile, and Adopters browse pets

Searching for Pets Online

Adopters browse the pet profiles that pet Guardians publish. Then they connect with Guardians to learn more. If all goes well, it’s time to schedule a meet-up!


Step 2: Meet up

Get Your Pet Meet Up

Adopters and Guardians meet in a neutral setting where the pet is acting naturally. Neither Adopters nor Guardians are obliged to go through with an adoption, but if both parties feel it’s a good fit, the adoption can take place right there.


Step 3: Make the adoption

Adopting a New Pet

Congratulations! Guardians have the peace of mind of knowing their pet has gone to a good home. Adopters and their pet will have lots to discover about each other. They will bring home their new pet, let the bonding begin, and take advantage of all the benefits included in the Get Your Pet adoption package.


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Remember, it is completely free to join and list your pet for adoption or browse adoptable pets on Get Your Pet. You only pay an adoption fee to Get Your Pet if and when you adopt a pet. Need more reasons to go Get Your Pet?

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