Five Essential Summer Dog Safety Tips to Know

Summer is here! It’s definitely time to get out and enjoy some fun in the sun with your furry friends. Pet safety is a top priority no matter what season, and we have some summer dog safety tips that can benefit any pet owner. Read on to learn how to keep your best friend safe this summer season.

Keep your pup’s paws protected

As the temperatures rise, the pavement, sidewalks, and terrain can become incredibly hot. Consider keeping your pup’s paws protected with booties or dog shoes. In addition, dog shoes can help prevent a paw pad injury or help provide extra support on the hiking trails. Indeed, these beneficial summer dog safety tips can help improve health and happiness of our furry friends!

Pack the pet first aid kit

When you are traveling with pets, the unexpected can occur at any time. To keep your pet protected, if you plan to do any hiking or camping this season, consider packing the pet first aid. Likewise, a pet first aid kit has a number of pet care items that can come in handy when you are on the trails. It certainly is just one of the summer dog safety tips that is beneficial for all pet owners.

Stay hydrated

Heatstroke and dehydration is a common condition among pets throughout the summer months. For example, “we see four times as many claims related to heat stroke in the summer (June, July, and August) compared to the rest of the year,” states Trupanion data analyst Malia Prescott.  It is incredibly important to make sure your pup is getting enough water. Consider keeping a portable water bottle with you while you outside with your pets. Further, make sure to take breaks and rest in a cool environment. And if you have any concerns, please reach out to your veterinarian with any questions.

Consider inside interactive play

If the temperature is too warm out, consider interacting with your pet indoors. For instance, an afternoon of interactive play and pet enrichment with your furry friends can provide mental, physical, and emotional stimulation. That way you’ll have peace of mind knowing they can play freely without worry of over-heating.

Summer dog safety tips: essential for the entire family

Whether you are a new pet owner or a seasoned pro, summer dog safety tips can be beneficial to incorporate into life with your pets. While you are out enjoying everything summer has to offer, consider proper pet hydration, pet care items, and inside interactive play for your dog’s health and happiness.

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