Kristi, Adopter, Kent WA

Thank you for giving me my Roxy. My search for a small indoor companion started to seem hopeless. Rescue shelters were asking $450 – $750 and the list of requirements were outrageous, in some cases. I found and at first there weren’t many pets available in my area but I thought I’d sign up anyway, just in case. A couple days went by and after another disappointing visit to a local shelter I got an email from, “Check out this adorable pet,” it was Roxy…a Chinese Crest/Poodle mix. I checked out her profile and it was if she was meant for me and my family. I contacted the owner, set up a time to meet and 2 days later Roxy was in my arms. It’s been 4 months and she’s in my arms even as I write this. I can’t believe how perfectly this all worked out for me and my family but also for Roxy, it’s as if we both knew we needed each other…it feels like I’ve known her forever. I love her so much and I am overwhelmingly thankful to