Alison, Adopter, Carlisle Barracks, PA

We found a dog named Rose in Maryland about an hour away from us in Pennsylvania. We met her once and we were in love. She was the energetic and fun dog that we needed in our lives. After I took her home, she fit right in with us. We are lucky to have her in our lives! Our old dog Rogue had passed away. She was in our lives for over 13 years. I have always had a dog in my life since I was born and I always feel like a house without a dog has no joy. So, I began contacting shelters. Every shelter I contacted gave me a “NO” because I was a renter or because I did not have a fenced in yard. They did not care about my husband and I being the best dog parents you can find. I felt like they should have called our vet or friends and family to find out about how we spoil our dogs with the best healthcare and food and treats and love. After much frustration and some internet research, I found It was the answer to our prayers. If I were going to adopt again then I would definitely use!