Barbara, Adopter, Middlesex County NJ

I want you to know that Tucker (our new dog) came to live with us yesterday. Meeting his original family was great getting to know him and meeting him was the best! We got all his background and even his old vet information to check up on him. We had fast response to the beginning of the process to the end. We were able to understand why they couldn’t keep him and, even though it was bitter sweet, you could tell they really cared for him from the start. We decided to keep in contact with his first family and send pictures and updates on how he is making his new family change. We feel safe knowing that we get to pick a vet we know and trust. To be sure he is healthy from the get go! His adoption was affordable and everything is right up front and forward. Especially being able to find a safe meet up location with the Google maps available right on the site!