Matthew, Guardian, Biscayne Park FL

I have to give the Get Your Pet website much thanks and gratitude in helping me rehome my 2 dogs. I love my 2 boys more than words can express. I listed my dogs and had many responses. Both of my boys Xander and Onyx were adopted by 2 wonderful people. My German Shepherd was very happy and I could tell he was comfortable with his new Guardian Jim. Who was such a great and loving person. Sanders new journeys are going to be great experiences for him so it worked out great for him. Onyx my Wolf Shepherd hybrid went to a beautiful and loving kind soul Samantha who for Onyx took a liking to right away which was not normal but gave me such trust and admiration for her since she traveled 4 hrs driving to meet and adopt him. His new life will be filled with amazing and fun new journeys. I am very happy and grateful that Get Your Pet exists. If you need help finding good homes with good loving people this organization is a great website to use in doing so. Very helpful, and easy to use. I can only give my best wishes to them for connecting me with 2 wonderful people to take over for me giving my dogs the loving fun filled lives they deserve and to honestly say it was a very good choice to have them help me. Thank you and God Bless. XOXOXOXOXO