Selina, Guardian, Anaheim CA

Angela and Get Your Pet Team, I am so grateful to have found your site! I had to give my dog Alii up because of my landlord, and he wanted her gone in a week! I was not about to give her up to a shelter or Craigslist for fear of a part of my family, my heart, would be abused in some way. I came across Get your Pet from doing research trying to find somewhere I felt comfortable enough to put my puppy up for adoption. Thankfully I found it! There are some many good loving families looking to share their love. After meeting the Adopter. I can honestly say I felt completely comfortable with my decision of letting her go to her new owner. I feel like I am still missing a part of my heart, funny thing is….. I’m not sad about it. God bless you Get your pet! Thank you so much! I am forever grateful for you!