Tom, Guardian, Cherry Hill NJ

I had a recent death in family and was presented a dilemma of what to do with a puppy we had recently adopted, where my wife was the primary caretaker. I knew that I simply could not manage this situation and knew I needed to find our dog Buddy a new home.  My initial thought was that I would have to give him to a nearby shelter, which I really did not want to do knowing what shelters are like and the emotional damage it would likely do to him.  I started to search on-line when I discovered the GetYourPet service.  I started to receive inquiries within one hour of completing his profile, and ultimately found him a new home in less than a week.  I am so pleased with the result and the ease in which this process worked and how well thought out it is through the application. Sincerest thanks for creating a site which enables this process to happen with the welfare of the animals in mind.