Wendy, Adopter, Seaford DE

Just an update on Beau (Bo), who is now known as Bosun. This guy has brought so much joy to our house! His Cattle Dog energy is greatly enjoyed by our Cattle Dog mix. They play like crazy things! Bosun has taken an obedience class at Salisbury MD Kennel Club. His former family had given him a solid foundation, so he was a super star! He just started a puppy intro to agility, and his first class was a success. He really seems to enjoy learning and working, and he is very intelligent. Bosun loves having a job!! I have a lot of respect for his former family.  They truly wanted what was best for him, and I know it was hard to give him up. We keep in touch through Facebook and texts, so they can share his successes and funny stories. Many, many thanks to Get Your Pet! This is a wonderful service, and I have recommended it to several people.