Get your pet’s system for rehoming pets directly is simpler, smarter and more humane for everyone. For the Guardian, who gets to choose a loving, new home for their pet; for the Adopter, who gets to learn about the pet from the person who has lived with them; and, most of all, for the pet, who never has to see the inside of a shelter.

Here are some comments from Adopters, Guardians and experts in animal welfare and pet adoption. Also… check out our reviews on Facebook.

My wife and I have just sent our son off to college and were looking for a dog to adopt. Stumbled upon your website, browsed available pets, and found (2) dogs we wanted. We met up with Lori and Peter in Ohio and met with Molly & Parker (they had both dogs listed that they did not want to split apart) and we could not be happier with the way things transpired from there. The entire process was seamless !!! We have since taken possession of both dogs and I am confident they are loving their new home as much as we are enjoying loving on them. Again, thank you so much for what you are doing for the community, and keep up the good work.

Dennis, Adopter, Louisville KY

Diamond, now known as Brandy, is doing great. Been almost a week, and already she has won our hearts. Our other pitbull (Lady) and her are getting along well. They love to play with each other outside. We are very happy to have been able to welcome Brandy into our home.

Andrew, Adopter, South Saint Paul MN

Harry – What a treasure. 🙂 He’s so cute, slept in my bed, quietly, comes when he is called. Cuddles. Couldn’t ask for more!!

Diana, Adopter, Louisville KY

Oscar and I are getting along very well. We are quite a great team. I hope Kelly realizes what an awesome job she did with him. She created the perfect puppy. Thank you so much!

Shirley, Adopter, Minneapolis MN

This site is a godsend. I would have loved to have kept Shadow with me and my other dogs. But it turned out not to be possible. I was told multiple times to take her to a shelter. In looking for a rescue site I found Get Your Pet. And it worked out perfectly. Thanks ever so much!

Dawn, Guardian, Philadelphia PA

Thank you for allowing me to use this precious site. It was just what I needed to feel safe about rehoming Nina.This website was phenomenal and saved my pet’s life, as well as my own. The process was seamless and the criteria of the adopters was magnificent.  Lynn is the perfect mom for Nina and your website bringing us together have enriched both of their lives.

Martella, Guardian, Hammond IN

I am so grateful and so impressed with your site! The process was so easy and so thorough. I really felt like I had complete control and could choose the home where my dog Poppy would be totally cared for and loved. Thank you so much for giving us guardians a wonderful tool in rehoming our pets.

Jackie, Guardian, Big Lake MN

Thank you so much having this website. You saved me the heartache of having to put my dog Buffy in a shelter. I found a home for her with a family that I felt in my heart was perfect for her. They were in tears and just overjoyed to have her. That alone assured me that she’s going to be alright. I can sleep tonight knowing I did the right thing. Thanks again!

Charlotte, Guardian, Columbus OH

We had to rehome our beloved dogs Leo and Jack, and our experience using this site was great. Both adopters were a perfect fit for each dog. We set up meetings, everything went well and they decided to adopt. It was really easy to use the site and will recommend it to anyone needing to rehome their pets.  I am happy and sad at the same time, but mostly I am really grateful my pets found loving new homes.

MaryAnn, Guardian, San Antonio TX

This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Your site was a great help and fit our needs and what we felt worked best for our fur baby. I love the fact that Sydney never had to go to a shelter and that I got to decide who adopted her. After our meet, she was happy going home with her new family. I believe she is going to have the most fun adventures and will be loved every bit as much as we love her. Thanks again for this wonderful service! What a great idea.

Tina, Guardian, Salt Lake City UT

I think your website and concept is brilliant!  With some shelter and rescue organization’s exorbitant fees many babies will remain un-adopted. This is a wonderful way to connect with people who are in need of giving up their pets with people who can now afford to give them a forever home.  Whoever thought this up is a genius and an angel at the same time!  Congratulations on your fantastic endeavor!  Keep them out of shelters!!

Grace, Adopter, Westbury NY

This has been the best site to work with. I am recommending to anyone looking to re-home their pets. For me, it was heartbreaking to give up my cat, O’Malley, but because of this site, I know he has a good home. THANK YOU!!!!!

Katie, Guardian, Oakland County MI

I am so happy I found Get Your Pet.  Radar, now Sophie, my newly adopted dog, is a sweet beagle that stole my heart. I visited many shelters and rescues before adopting her. All the dogs at the shelter were big, and the rescues all had a long drawn out process.  Sophie has already had her checkup and all that goes with it.  I still keep in touch with her guardian so she knows Sophie is loved and doing well.  Thank you so much!

Cheryl, Adopter, Arlington TX

We are so happy we adopted Mellow!  His new name is Tucker and he is fitting in perfect with his dog brothers.  Thank you getyourpet.com for your great service.  It was such an easy process and an awesome experience for us, Tucker and his other family.

Pam, Adopter, Orlando FL

This process was so easy and I’m so happy with the new homes found for my dogs, Tobby and Lucy. I will miss them a lot but I know they will be loved and nurtured in their new home.

Ann, Guardian, Freehold NJ

A few nights ago, a darling family adopted our Ginny (“Virginia Sunshine”) – an adorable mix-breed puppy. You should have seen the bonding – it was really adorable. She took to them – especially the children – like she’s never taken to anyone we’ve introduced her to with meeting friends, etc. And she immediately obeyed “sit” for the dad when I encouraged him to try. And the mom got all the puppy kisses she was hoping for. We feel very positive about sending her away with them, and are grateful for this wonderful website where these transitions are possible without having to put a pet in a shelter.

Grace, Guardian, Philadelphia PA

I just adopted Flynn through getyourpet.com. Rachel, Flynn’s former owner, was wonderful during entire process. I couldn’t be happier. I am looking forward to providing wonderful home for Flynn. Thanks for all your hard work for dogs and cats everywhere 💗💗

David, Adopter, Bridgeville PA

I am so glad I found this website. We love our newly adopted Sugar so much! Sugar and our one year old puppy act like they’ve known each other since they were little. I’ve already been asked multiple times where I got Sugar from, and I will continue to recommend getyourpet.com to anyone looking to adopt. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Heather, Adopter, Waxhaw NC

What a completely wonderful experience adopting Lola! She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She has had such a positive effect on my life. Thank you so much Get Your Pet. This is absolutely the best way to go for people who need to rehome their pet as well as those looking to adopt 🐶❤️

Shari, Adopter, Nashville TN

Besides the passing of my parents, the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life was re-home our dog Ace. We love Ace deeply, but my college age daughter moved back home and was allergic.  Ace also needed more space to roam & run.  Because of your website, we found the perfect match. They came today to visit and it was heartwarming to see the look on their face.   I knew right then it was the perfect match.  They played, fed him and it was beautiful to see.  We hate losing Ace as we loved him immensely and are heartbroken, but we know he’s in a better area to prosper.  Thank you so much for your service.

Dan, Guardian, Lexington KY

Thank you for starting this community! I have been so apprehensive about giving up my dogs due to my heavy travel schedule, and your site made it as pleasant an experience as it could be. I know my dogs went to a home where they will be loved like I love them. I will recommend this site to anyone that needs to re-home their beloved pets.

Lena, Guardian, McDonough GA

Thank you for giving me my Roxy. My search for a small indoor companion started to seem hopeless. Rescue shelters were asking $450 – $750 and the list of requirements were outrageous, in some cases. I found getyourpet.com and at first there weren’t many pets available in my area but I thought I’d sign up anyway, just in case. A couple days went by and after another disappointing visit to a local shelter I got an email from getyourpet.com, “Check out this adorable pet,” it was Roxy…a Chinese Crest/Poodle mix. I checked out her profile and it was if she was meant for me and my family. I contacted the owner, set up a time to meet and 2 days later Roxy was in my arms. It’s been 4 months and she’s in my arms even as I write this. I can’t believe how perfectly this all worked out for me and my family but also for Roxy, it’s as if we both knew we needed each other…it feels like I’ve known her forever. I love her so much and I am overwhelmingly thankful to getyourpet.com.

Kristi, Adopter, Kent WA

I want to say thank you for making the process of finding my baby a new home. It was very comforting speaking and meeting her new parents before making my decision. Trinity did very well during her meet. I know I made a great decision thanks to your site.

Jessica, Guardian, Bronx NY

I can not begin to express how happy I am that I found this site. Hailey was adopted by a very sweet lady who I know will LOVE her. The meet up went very great and I knew it was a good match.

Lisa, Guardian, Auburn WA

We adopted Chase from Brad and are so happy to give him a forever home. We loved him right away, and he loved us too. We had been looking for a dog for awhile and on ask of our searches only shelters came up until one day get your pet came up. I truly feel that everything happens for a reason and we got Chase when the time was right for us and his family.  Get Your Pet eliminates a lot of the anxiety for these animals and is a wonderful alternative to paying exorbitant amounts of money at shelters or on craigslist. Brad wasn’t out to make money on his dog and really cared about finding a loving home.  We couldn’t afford a big price tag but are willing to provide a forever home. All in all a wonderful experience and we will recommend this website.

Marcella, Adopter, Golden CO

I just can’t say enough great things about your organization. It’s a perfect concept to get a beloved pet from one loving home to another, without the heart ache of the dreaded middle man (a shelter). The way you transfer messages from the potential adopter to the current owner is great. I like that you monitor them, to insure both parties safety. The owners of Layla, Jonathan (and his family) are some of the truly nicest and kind folks I’ve met in my 64 years!!! They went above and beyond to help ease my concerns and traveled quite a distance to meet near my home with Layla (now Lady). It is a blessing to have given Lady a very kind and loving home… truly a divine intervention!!! Angela, thank you for the integral part you have played in making Joe (my other dog), Lady and myself as happy as we could possibly be, seriously!!!

Pat, Adopter, Quakertown PA

What a wonderful experience. I found a great home for Jasmine so she didn’t have to go to the shelter. I have told everyone about this site. Thank you so much!

Linda, Guardian, Sublimity OR

This adoption is completed and we are the very proud parents of Bentley, a 5-year-old Cockapoo. This was an incredible experience and the best way for animal lovers / owners to re-home their pets for whatever reason. Bentley took to us right away as well as with my 10-year-old granddaughter who went with us to pick up Bentley. Our communication with his former parents was smooth and pleasant, nice people who had their hands full with an active dog and two infant children. We went to an approved plan vet in Maple Shade, NJ and had a wonderful experience there as well. They certainly found a new client in us today.

What I appreciated most with this process is the fact that it minimized the stress of changing families and regimens for Bentley. No time needed to be spent in a crazy shelter or a foster family which just adds another change in location for the pet. And to have a vet waiting to see us was great.

Keep up your good work and feel free to use me as a reference any time.

Mel, Adopter, Cherry Hill NJ

Adoption went smoothly and Harry (owner) is very happy… Holly is not so sure! Not sure where she is… but slowly adjusting… Just wanted to say this is so much better than trying to adopt from a shelter… Your fees are very reasonable and you don’t have all the paper work to fill out… I will pass this site along…

Carol, Adopter, Hatfield PA

Trevor is a real sweetheart, we are so happy he has become part of our family. I would definitely recommend Get Your Pet to others. I actually already told one of my co-workers yesterday and she is going to tell her sister-in-law. The best part of using the site was the ease of the site and the step-by-step directions.

Lisa, Adopter, Fairless Hills PA

I adopted Lily on March 16th after my 9-year-old American Bulldog, Kimber, passed away unexpectedly. My heart felt so empty until Lily came into my life. Thank you so much for your home-to-home adoption. I knew she was for me the second I met her.

Dona, Adopter, Trumbauersville PA

Angela: What a great idea. Wishing everyone much success. It is this type of innovative thinking that saves the lives of companion animals. I have a weekend home in Bucks and saw the article in the Herald. This is so scalable an idea, and needed nationwide.

Bill Sacrey, Legislative Director, League of Humane Voters

Our policy of requiring adopters who cannot keep their pet to return them to us for rehoming – or ideally just to involve us in the process while they keep their pet at home – has been in place because there was no service that offered structure and guidance, with vetting and careful matchmaking. Now that Get Your Pet exists and covers those bases, we are thrilled to make exceptions for adopters who use it. We actually plan to begin encouraging adopters to use it, since we would always prefer that animals not return to a shelter environment – for their sake and to keep that space free for animals who desperately need it.

Melissa Levy, Executive Director, PAWS