Tips For Welcoming Your New Cat into Your Home

Welcoming a new cat or kitten into your heart and home can be exciting! You can make it a little bit less “exciting” if you prepare your home ahead of time and have an idea of what to expect. Here are some tips to smoothing the transition.


Coming into a new and unfamiliar place can be intimidating and even scary for a small animal. To make your cat feel more at home, provide them with multiple “safe spaces” to retreat to. It’s important that your kitty feels safe, and that they know they can get away from human interaction, if they need to. Don’t worry if they hide a lot at first—chances are, they’ll need some time to warm up to you and get to know you better. Gently coax them out or let him come to you when they are ready.


It’s completely normal for cats to lose their appetite or avoid eating altogether when they arrive at a new place. This is because they’re usually stressed or hesitant to eliminate in an unfamiliar place. It’s important that you try to encourage your cat to eat during the transition to their new home. If possible, continue using the same food he or she was eating beforehand, and then slowly transition them to the diet you prefer over the course of the next week.


One way to make your cat more comfortable in your home is to have a variety of toys for them to play with. You can find plenty of toys, tunnels, or cat beds at your local pet store, or order what you need online from Get Your Pet’s partner Pet Valu. Cats love finding new places to explore, and hunting, hiding, and playing are some of their favorite pastimes (besides cuddling!).

Litter Box

You’ll want to have the litter box set up and ready to go before your furry friend arrives. Litter box placement is extremely important in ensuring that your cat’s transition to their new home goes smoothly. Make sure the litter box is away from their food and water, yet not tucked away somewhere that’s hard for them or you to access. Here are some tips for litter box placement, mentioned in a previous blog.

Above all, make sure you spoil your new companion! You’ve just saved a life, and your cat will be forever grateful.