5 Ways to Honor Your Pet’s Memory

Anyone who has lost a pet knows how terribly painful it is. Preserving your pet’s memory can help ease that pain. So, in observance of National Pet Memorial Day, we’re suggesting  five ways to honor your pet’s memory.

ways to honor your pet's memory

Make a memorial

Just as we do when we commemorate people, we can find comfort in having a special time or place to remember our pets. Many find comfort by creating a designated place dedicated to remembering their pet. You can fill yours with pictures, memories, and other trinkets that remind you of your missing friend. Or, maybe all it takes for you to feel closer to them is for you to set aside time to visit their favorite park.

Start a scrapbook

You’ve taken a ton of pictures of your pet, and look fondly back on them to revisit old memories. So, why not turn those memories into a scrapbook? Creating a memorial scrapbook can be a good opportunity to find closure, peace, and comfort after losing a pet. It’s one of the most personal ways to honor your pet’s memory, because you can reflect on all the good times you shared while you are making it. Plus, you can take it out and page through it whenever you want to think of your pet and smile.


One of the best ways to honor your pet’s memory is to make a donation in their name. You can choose a cause that has a personal meaning to you or did to your pet. For example, if your pet suffered from an illness like heart disease, you can donate to an organization that researches treatment options. Or, donate to a local shelter or rescue organization. Either way, your donation will have a personal meaning and will help other pets and the people who care for them. Never donated before? Check out these helpful tips and recommended charities.


You don’t need to have money to make a difference in the lives of pets – just some free time. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to honor your pet’s memory, because you directly and personally help pets in need. Call to see if your local shelter or rescue needs help caring for the animals. If you find it too difficult to work with the animals directly, you can offer to help out at the desk or answer phones. Whatever you decide, there’s always a need for animal welfare advocates, and your compassion will lift you up.

Adopt a pet

One of the most common ways we can overcome the loss of a pet is to adopt a pet. Adopting a new pet doesn’t mean you’re replacing your old friend. It simply means you’re ready to begin accepting the love and companionship of a pet back into your life. Adopting is one of the best ways to honor your pet’s memory because you may be saving another pet’s life. If that is your choice, start browsing adoptable pets near you at getyourpet.com.