What is a Get Your Pet Veterinarian?

Welcome to getyourpet.com. You may have already heard or read about us on various media outlets.

Our innovative website is transforming pet adoption by keeping pets out of shelters and helping them go directly from one good home to another. See how our system of home-to-home adoption works.

One unique feature of getyourpet.com is our promotion of early contact between a new adopter and a qualified veterinarian. We believe establishing this relationship will lead to healthier, more successful outcomes. That is why we offer a free pet examination with every adoption.

We hope that you will want to join us in:

  • keeping pets out of shelters,
  • creating a transparent process that empowers both adopters and guardians (pet owners) who can’t keep their pets,
  • and supporting shelters by reducing their intake (and expenses) by a third.

Plus, it can’t hurt that getyourpet.com represents a unique opportunity for you to grow your business.

One more thing: your clients rely on you for everything pet-related. Here is an ideal tool for you to reinforce that bond. If they want to adopt or need to rehome their pet, we are your resource for helping them in the smartest, most humane way possible.

Please consider joining us in this mission. There’s no obligation or cost to register and learn the details.

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